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My continuing journey to the cloud (and MCSE certification)

12-Jan-2015 06:30:00 / by Leigh Richardson

Well hello folks and I'm still at the beach and loving it as you can see!

Firstly a happy New Year to you all.

My New Year's resolution is to reaffirm my mission of preparing for my journey to the Cloud - the Microsoft Cloud that is.

I've been delving through the internet for all manner of interesting content to better enable me to review and evaluate the absolute importance of Cloud Computing to my future.


Here are a couple of recent items from  (CIO New Zealand) which I think are worth passing on.

What does Microsoft's cloud momentum mean for NZ CIOs?

You might not be the CIO yet but it does give you some reasons why you should be seriously thinking about getting an Microsoft Office 365 Certification in 2015. 

Enterprise on the rise as NZ ranks no.1 for SMB Office 365 adoption

“Backing up on global trends, what we’re seeing in New Zealand in terms of Microsoft Office 365 adoption is perhaps more advanced than other markets."

If you have not had an opportunity to explore this official Microsoft Technet website I'm thinking that there will be some valuable information to be found  - Getting Started With Cloud and Datacenter Solutions.

Customers need a ready-to-go productivity solution that is inherently secure and trustworthy. Just what are the key privacy and security considerations that should inform your decision on a Cloud solutions?

On a lighter side...


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Leigh Richardson

Written by Leigh Richardson