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My journey to the Cloud and Microsoft Office 365 Certification

09-Dec-2014 14:00:00 / by Leigh Richardson

Well folks yes it's true I really have set my mind to become our resident expert on Cloud Computing and look eventually maybe I'll show those tech trainers like James and Malcolm that even us sales and marketing people at Auldhouse can get our MCSE certification!

You can see I'm very determined.



Ah --- where to start?

Got it I'll Google search - Yeah look what I found when I entered "Top Blogs on Cloud Computing" ------ Sweet now I can get cracking on "my journey to the cloud"

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So when I've got up to speed I'm going to check out the sweet deals that Auldhouse have running right now - click here for our Microsoft Office 365 Certification Guide.

If you want some assistance planning your certification options why not have a chat with one of our certification advisors

If you have any great resources that can help me on my journey to the cloud - share them with us all in the comments below.

BTW - don't forget to FINISH THE JOB and sit the exams that will get you along the way to your own MCSE Certification.

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Leigh Richardson

Written by Leigh Richardson