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PM Standards, Frameworks and Methodologies – A Simple Explanation

18-Mar-2015 16:19:46 / by Sean Whitaker posted in Building a PM Methodology, Project Management, PM Frameworks, PM Standards, Frameworks and Methodologies


Are you a little confused by all these project management documents and credentials you keep stumbling across in your quest to understand the profession and further develop yourself as a project manager? Well I’m going to try and explain the situation to you so you understand exactly what a standard, framework and methodology is and how they are different from each other. This will be a brief, yet concise, explanation and if you want more detail just do a search on the internet.

Let’s start the explanation with a diagram. The diagram shows standards, frameworks and methodologies in descending order of influence and importance.

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How to Build Your Own Project Management Methodology

09-Mar-2015 15:30:00 / by Sean Whitaker posted in Building a PM Methodology


This blog was initially posted by Sean Whitaker in 2014 but we felt that it was worth of a second life. It covers content from his book The Professional Project Manager  all page references are for that book.

As a project management consultant I have often been asked to provide clients with an off-the-shelf, or ready made, project management methodology. In one sense this is good thing as it shows a commitment to increasing project management maturity within an organization. However, I have come to see it as a liability and in fact counter productive and very rarely contributing to an increase in organisational project management maturity.

Too many organisations view an off-the-shelf, or ready made, project management methodology as the easy answer to all their project management problems. They assume that if the pay the licensing fee, send people to get accredited and put up colorful posters around the workplace that people will actually use the methodology, that the methodology is right for them and that as a result they will have a huge increase in successful delivery of projects.

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