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Which IT certification tickles your fancy then?

09-Mar-2015 07:30:00 / by guest blogger "Mrs Brown" posted in Project Management as a career, PMP Exam Preparation in New Zealand, IT Certification


Now dis is a more tricky question than it seems don't you know. You see if I were one those technical persons may be I would be thinking that some of those highend networky certifications would be fecking useful to have. Likewise if I was a software developer then there's the Agile stuff that is getting a lot of interest according to da team at Auldhouse.

On dee other side if I had aspirations for moving up the tree and on into mamangement then I'd be very inclined to consider the Project Management Professional (PMPĀ®) Certification from the Project Management Institute cos I hear that successfully managing projects is getting more and more important to the success of private and public organisations alike, and if you can show dem bosses that your've got a safe pair of hands then maybe your on your way to the top.

Yeah I can hear it already - why's this old bag banging on about IT certifications again?

For dos of you that missed my earlier blog take a moment to read the pure fecking wisdom on the subject - "Are IT certifications really worth it?". So now you are up with the reality that fecking IT certifications are truly worth it I'll try and shed some light on why I reckon project management is something that all of you should get a grip on and why the best of you should push on and get that PMPĀ® certification.

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