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Which IT certification tickles your fancy then?

09-Mar-2015 07:30:00 / by guest blogger "Mrs Brown"

Now dis is a more tricky question than it seems don't you know. You see if I were one those technical persons may be I would be thinking that some of those highend networky certifications would be fecking useful to have. Likewise if I was a software developer then there's the Agile stuff that is getting a lot of interest according to da team at Auldhouse.

On dee other side if I had aspirations for moving up the tree and on into mamangement then I'd be very inclined to consider the Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification from the Project Management Institute cos I hear that successfully managing projects is getting more and more important to the success of private and public organisations alike, and if you can show dem bosses that your've got a safe pair of hands then maybe your on your way to the top.


Yeah I can hear it already - why's this old bag banging on about IT certifications again?

For dos of you that missed my earlier blog take a moment to read the pure fecking wisdom on the subject - "Are IT certifications really worth it?". So now you are up with the reality that fecking IT certifications are truly worth it I'll try and shed some light on why I reckon project management is something that all of you should get a grip on and why the best of you should push on and get that PMP® certification.

Why is project management so important in today's modern organisation?

Now I could get all fecking pompous and say that project management provides a framework within which subsequent actions by the organisation can be taken and in this way, it is essential for organisations to adopt the framework provided by the practice of project management but I won't .

To me its really fecking simple - projects are a way of managing change and in todays world we have an abundance of change. Either we get better at managing change or we can't keep up. So dat's why doing project management well is so fecking critical to organisations today. After all we wouldn't want to be doing them bad then would we.

Do I PRINCE2® it or PMBOK® it  I hear you say

Well me friends over at Aulhouse don't mind which way you swing on this cos they offer certification programs in both areas, but really I would be failing in my mission to asssist you all if I didn't offer you some considered fecking wisdom on the subject.


Isn't he called Harry? I joke of course. Seriously PRINCE2® was developed by the Brits because they were really getting themselves in a pickle managing IT projects.

PRINCE2® is a methodology, with a clear process, steps and templates. In PRINCE2®, the emphasis is more on the project governance, defining the onset of quality requirements, acceptance criteria and clear responsibility of the project board members before the project even kicks off.  The process is fully scalable for different sizes of projects so you won’t be overwhelmed by the documentations and the processes. 

The OGC PRINCE2 website says“PRINCE2 does not cover all aspects of project management.  Areas such as leadership and people management skills, detailed coverage of project management tools and techniques are well covered by other existing and proven methods and are therefore excluded from PRINCE2.”


Sounds Thai or Indonesian eh! Yeah we all know that it means Project Management Body of Knowledge and speaking as an Irish person I'm proud to say its from America, not that the fecking English haven't come up with some good ideas occaisionally.

The PMBOK® Guide (The Project Management Body of Knowledge) is a framework containing many processes, tools, techniques and templates from which you are encouraged to select only those that are appropriate to your project.

The biggest thing about the PMI's approach as I see it is that its about you gaining knowledge, skills and most demostrating your experience, as opposed to following a prescribed process as is the case with PRINCE2®. 

Now before you PRINCE2® evangelists get you knickers in a twist I'm not bagging it one bit and frankly if dem bosses have prescribed that you will use PRINCE2® then you better get that certification toot suite.

From where I'm sitting right now (Rocky Bay on beautiful Waiheke)


I strongly recommend that you take time to consider the PMI's PMP® certification. Attainment of this credential clearly marks you as an IT professional with the knowledge, skills and most importantly the experience to manage projects effectively, regardless of the methodology in use.

What bits of genius could you folks add?

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